Supporting Children and Families Through the SPED Process 4.13.21

04/13/2021 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM CST


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Meeting ID:  823 1075 6667

Summary: Knowing when and how to talk to families about going through the special ed process can be challenging and tricky. It can be an emotional time for the child, parents, and teachers as the team works to identify the impact of the barriers the child faces. This workshop equips participants with the language and tools needed as they support children and families as they navigate through the First Steps (birth-3) and special ed (3-21) processes

Core Competencies: 
4.1.2.a - Engages families in discussions regarding their child's development.
4.1.2.b - Communicates and assists families by sharing appropriate services, resources, and technology.
4.2.2.a - Respects the family's role in, influence on, and responsibility for education and development.

4. Strategies to establish productive relationships with families



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